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“A tale of secrets and narrative revelations … strong storytelling with suspense and emotion.”
-Los Angeles Times

Resolution is really a less self-conscious cousin to last year’s Cabin in the Woods; both are hugely satisfying exercises in examining the way in which stories are told…When Benson and Moorhead voyeuristically suggest that someone or something is watching Mike and Chris, the chilling effect is marrow-deep. By the end there’s little question that the filmmakers are looking to terrify us — and certainly no doubt that they’ve succeeded.

“Putting Cabin in the Woods to shame on a fraction of the budget, Resolution dispenses twisty meta-horror without sacrificing tension and intrigue.”
-The Village Voice

“Resolution is an intelligent indie flick that explores new areas of horror with stunning execution. These are two guys to watch out for. Resolution is the debut feature film from the hot pair of directors, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.  [It’s] a slow burn that manages to offer plenty of scares, laughs, paranoia, and it will stay with you long after watching. The best part is that there are absolutely no jump scares. No cheap tactics to get a reaction, just plain old fashion creepiness as two friends in the middle of nowhere find out that someone, or something is following them. By the time you figure out what’s going on, it’s already too late and you realize it was inevitable from the start.”
- Bloody Disgusting

“There is a creepy image that’s so well-timed that it literally sent a shiver down my spine. That sort of reaction is part of why I love going to the festivals like this. Amid predictable indie fare, something visceral comes along and movie fatigue becomes a distant memory.
Resolution is the real deal.”
- BrightestYoungThings

Benson and Moorhead are like movie theatre ninjas, sneaking behind your row, unscrewing the bolts that lock down your skull, flipping your lid and injecting 10 CCs of pure cinematic mind-fuck directly into your cerebral cortex. Resolution is definitely a slow-burn type horror film, building one strange occurrence on to another bizarre encounter on to another weird discovery like a game of Jenga made out of Escher blocks. Like a Ti West film, Benson and Moorhead utilize a cunning sound score to keep you off balance, along with…extremely effective visual FX. Where Cabin in the Woods deliberately uses the stereotypes of the genre and then uses those stereotypes to better explain the tropes of the genre, Resolution discards the stereotypes to build two fascinating and real characters… whose interaction better explains the tropes of the genre.”
- Sound on Site

This is independent filmmaking before it became ‘indie filmmaking.’ Smart and daring indie films that want to play with the form without ever leaving the audience behind.  The creators here belong in the class of bright young voices in American horror to watch including Ti West, Jim Mickle and Adam Wingard.  Resolution, before its resolution, goes into places that are both satisfyingly dramatic and disturbingly dark.  I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t find a few of them surprisingly funny, the line between hilarity and fear being alarmingly thin at times.  Drawing us in with the trials and humanity of Chris and Michael it gets to shake up enough deep rooted conventions in the genre and dangle them out on a clothes-line of ideas to make us lean forward in the dark and take notice.

“Full of clever twists and witty dialogue, the film culminates in what may be the most spectacularly meta ending in cinema history.
-We Are Movie Geeks

 “Resolution” is an instant cinematic masterpiece.”
-Golden State Haunts