Justin1Justin Benson

Producer, Writer, Co-Director, Co-Editor

Justin Benson grew up in San Diego where he barely graduated high school, but excelled in junior college when he discovered filmmaking. Since graduating from UCLA Justin has written, directed, and worked just about every odd job across the spectrum of the film industry. Most of the budget for Resolution was raised from these gigs. He has previously directed several short films and commercials, and Resolution is his first feature.

Director’s Statement

I wrote the script around some horror movie ideas I had been stewing on for about a decade, as well as a budget that I could self-finance. The key to this was setting the story in strange locations that my family owns in East County San Diego. The parts of Michael and Chris were written for Peter and Vinny, respectively. The camera approach was written for Aaron to shoot. I pitched the idea to him in the winter of 2011 and we began co-directing the movie soon thereafter. Finding the supporting cast and a passionate crew of talented, like-minded filmmakers took most of the spring.


Aaron-Headshot-WideAaron Scott Moorhead
Co-Director, Cinematographer, Co-Editor, VFX Artist, Colorist

Aaron Moorhead grew up in Tarpon Springs, Florida. As a precocious child he made films on VHS, and directed his first feature at only 19 years old. He has a deep love of nearly any film that takes a risk. Since graduating from FSU Film School, he has worked in the visual side of filmmaking as a cinematographer, director, VFX artist, and colorist. He has shot several indie features, as well as numerous shorts and commercials.

Director’s Statement

Justin was one of the first “new” friends I made in LA. His last day of an internship at RSA was my first, and he showed me the ropes. After a bit, I started working with him, shooting his awesome shorts and commercials, and as I moved up, so did he. One day, he sent me the script to Resolution, which I devoured, not knowing that he wanted me to direct it with him. When he offered it, I jumped at it. I’ve been directing for almost ten years now, and very happily fell into cinematography. This was a perfect opportunity: a great script, already funded, working with a close friend and total creative freedom. Shooting the film was, as many of the crew mentioned, almost a spiritual experience. Out in the odd boonies, no cell service, shooting a really weird character drama/thriller and staying at a summer camp. We tried to make the film as honestly as possible, and opened collaboration with every member of the crew through the month-long schedule. Everyone was not just happy to be there, but seemed proud to be a part of it. Without making this seem like too much a love letter to Justin, it’s been so much fun to work on this project with him and make such a cool, weird little film.